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Preschool – Grade Two Recycled Planters Colaboration.

On Wednesday 12th March Ms. Dewey's Preschool kids and Mr Rea's Invisible Tigers class collaborated together to plant seeds using recycled containers. The ideas of why we were doing this were simple but powerful. Firstly planting our own food producing plants locks up Climate Change gases and also connects us to where our food comes from. Secondly it empowers us Read full article »

ES/MS Garden AFAC Dec. 2013.

On Tuesday 10th December the Elementary Community Garden Afac group joined together with a group of grade 8 Middle School students. The Elementary children shared their knowledge about how to transplant seedlings and young plants into the garden, using newspaper and Buko husks to mulch the soil. This collaborative session had echoes from the time when the garden was first Read full article »

School Community Garden 2011-2012. The Story so Far.

It's been an amazing year at the School Community Garden. After recovering from Typhoons and building site damage the garden was the scene of many powerful learning opportunities and countless moments of joy. Kindergarten students have been enjoying finding 2-D shapes recently in the garden. After their trip to Pacem Eco park Grade 2  Fiery Phoenix Class brought back 8 herb plants which they  planted Read full article »

What can we learn at our Community Garden?

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What can we do to take care of our community garden?

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Community Garden Build-December 11th!

The following letters and posters were used to invite the whole school! And many friends responded to the call! Look through the photos to see how the garden was transformed on December 11th! http://www.flickr.com/photos/ismanilaes/sets/72157625448088023 Read full article »

Community Garden Launch

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Our first meeting this year!

Who are the community gardeners?   Why are we here?   What did we do? http://www.flickr.com/photos/ismanilaes/sets/72157625176120169 Read full article »

Community Garden AFAC

We meet every Wednesday at 1004 (grade 2 corridor) and then go to the Community Garden to take care of our plants. Click on the picture to find out what we are doing and what we plan to do next . You can also have a look at our notice board that is near the garden to find out the latest news.

Curriculum Connections

All our learning experiences help us to become more successful students at ISM. Click on the picture to find out how the ES, MS and HS students are meeting their goals whilst taking care of our planet.

Spreading the word

We reflect on our learning and communicate in creative ways so that we can teach others about why it is important to care for our earth. Click on the picture to look at our creative posters, stories and newspaper articles.