Have you ever planted a seed?

Visit our garden and you can learn how! The ISM Community Garden can be found at the end of the Grade 1 corridor, opposite the sand-pit next to the water fountain. It is always open to learners, especially those who like to get their hands dirty!

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Where can you find the ISM Community Garden ?

Ever wondered just where exactly the ISM Community Garden is located in our school? Allow us to show you with the help of the amazing ISM drone! Read full article »

Healthy Harvest

There are lots of recipes that can be made using ingredients from the Community Garden. Here are three particularly enticing looking ones. Can you find any others that we could make ? Read full article »

Community Garden AFAC

We meet every Wednesday at 1004 (grade 2 corridor) and then go to the Community Garden to take care of our plants. Click on the picture to find out what we are doing and what we plan to do next . You can also have a look at our notice board that is near the garden to find out the latest news.

Curriculum Connections

All our learning experiences help us to become more successful students at ISM. Click on the picture to find out how the ES, MS and HS students are meeting their goals whilst taking care of our planet.

Spreading the word

We reflect on our learning and communicate in creative ways so that we can teach others about why it is important to care for our earth. Click on the picture to look at our creative posters, stories and newspaper articles.